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  • 2019-04-16
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About Kings Hero 2: Turn Based RPG

Kings Character Two - is a classic tactical role-playing fantasy mobile game with turn-based style of combat!
In the game, the player travels through a really big fantasy world.
You’ll complete some quests, war with evil spirits,
collect ancient artifacts and toss a challenge to the strongest bosses. 

** AppAdvice - "If you have fun the old Dungeon & Dragons, and Ultima
games, as well as tactic titles like heroes of Might & Magic, then Kings Character may be your ..." **

Classic RPG!
Turn-based wars on a hexagonal map.
Real-time map travel.
Four hero classes.
Over 20 spells – attacks, fortifications and control (can be improved).
Powerful bosses with their own special magic abilities.
Lots of quests with awards.
Equipment improvement. 
Offline Game
No Ads and IAP

Tactical battles:
The battles, which occur on a little map with a hexagonal grid, feature a turn-based strategy.
At the start, the player can use the spell of his team, attack the opponent or order his hero to move to another grid.
On some maps, the squad will have to 1st break through fortifications – they can’t attack opponents as long as they are intact.
Bosses have at their disposal a formidable arsenal of spells – that is why it is very necessary to think out the moves.
Bosses can be treated, they can call for backup, set traps, and do much more. 

Four hero classes:
Specializes in long-range combat and critical strikes.
His spells support him to hold the opponent at a distance, entangling the enemy’s feet, as well as lulling the legs for a while. 
The witch possesses magical abilities and can heal wounds in a combat.
Some of her spells cause hurt to all the opponents on the battlefield.
When necessary, she can teleport herself to avoid close combat. 
Warrior of light. His magic can both treat all his allies and charm their weapons to deliver additional damage.
During critical moments, he can call upon the power of light, which would create opponents to treat his wounds instead of causing damage. 
An experienced warrior clad in massive armor. His magic allows him to charm the armor of his allies.
He can quickly reduce the distance to the opponent and pull the life out of opponents using his blood magic ability. 

Magic is divided into 4 types – control, damage, and treatment and charm.
Each squad member can use his spells in combat. Spells don’t consume energy, but once a spell has been used, you can’t reuse it in Six moves.
When a squad attains fresh levels, characters get magic points, which can be used to improve spells.
New spells can be received for completing quests or you can grab them from enemies. 

During the game, you can find lots of various stuff to fortify your team.
Items are separated by quality – from easy gray ones to epic orange items.
They can be improved by absorbing other unnecessary items. Moreover, the item being improved acquires more features.
When the maximum improvement has been reached, the item can evolve by merging with magical signs.
Here, the item class increases by 1 star, while losing some improvements.

New Features: Options added<br>All bosses after Cursed Island are weakened

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